In the face of the outbreak of the epidemic and the major needs of the country, the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Xiamen University "space" in Zhangzhou campus The novel coronavirus novel coronavirus (Peptides), which is supported by the Xiamen municipal polyclinic project, was awarded by the Xiamen Municipal Institute of chemical and chemical engineering, Xiamen University (hereinafter referred to as "research and development center").

In January 20th, it launched the new anti coronavirus drug development project, and actively joined up with the related units at home and abroad. Research and development of peptide drugs.

Previous studies have shown that peptide virus fusion inhibitors can prevent the fusion of virus and cell before the virus invades human cells, so it has important application potential in the field of antiviral. However, due to the complex chemical structure of peptides, it is difficult to design and prepare antiviral peptide drugs.

In view of the challenges in the design and synthesis of antiviral peptide drugs, on January 22, Dr. he Runze and Professor Hong Wenjing of R & D center cooperated with internationally renowned peptide medicine chemistry experts and Professor Jean Louis reymond of Bern University in Switzerland to carry out research and development of antiviral peptide drugs.

They aim at novel coronavirus S2 protein structure characteristics, combined with the Rui Fang cooperation team's original international chemical space (Chemical Space database and new drug discovery theory were used for peptide drug design and structure optimization. The first batch of four peptide compounds with potential drug-forming properties were obtained from the first batch of 10 peptide molecules. Molecular dynamics simulation was carried out to verify the mechanism of their targeted binding, which confirmed that these peptide compounds can effectively inhibit virus fusion. The novel coronavirus cell and mouse test was carried out in January 28th by P3, a laboratory of the Institute of health and Quarantine of the Guangzhou customs technology center, to verify the antiviral activity of these peptide compounds.

"If the successfully synthesized peptide sample is verified to be effective by the virus and can pass clinical trials, it is expected to become a specific drug for the clinical treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia. However, there is a long way to go from research and development to industrial grade synthesis and clinical trials, and we are also facing many technical challenges. We will do our best." Hong Wenjing, director of the R & D center, said.

In the face of the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, the school opened up a green channel for the platform to carry out. Under the condition of ensuring the safety of personnel, 9 R & D personnel of the platform were urgently recalled to carry out the synthesis of the first batch of anti neocoronavirus peptide inhibitor chemicals, so as to enhance the scientific research force of the platform, and hope to obtain anti coronavirus peptide inhibitor drugs with strong in vitro activity as soon as possible. As a member of the platform of Wuhan people, Guo Jian has a family hard to return to this Spring Festival. His homesickness has become the driving force for his work: "as practitioners in the pharmaceutical field, our bounden duty is to develop and produce high-quality drugs, and strive for human health. In the face of sudden outbreaks, especially when people's lives are at stake, we hope to give full play to our strengths, fulfill our responsibilities and contribute to the fight against epidemic diseases. "

The R & D center is the only R & D institution in China that has the ability to rapidly industrialized produce peptide drugs with more than 30 amino acids. It has established R & D cooperation with many well-known pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad, and can complete the development and trial production of raw materials and the development of clinical injection preparations in a short time. Novel coronavirus is expected to play its own technological advantage through the inter disciplinary collaborative research and development of Sino Swiss technology cooperation and chemistry, pharmacy, chemical engineering and medicine, and strive to contribute to the new coronavirus control and prevention work.

(Industrial Technology Research Institute)