Gout is a kind of arthritis disease. Generally speaking, men are more than women. But the cause of gout is still unknown. The only important index is hyperuricemia.

When our body is in a normal state, the threshold of uric acid metabolism is in a balanced state. 80% of uric acid is produced by purine metabolism in the body, which is called endogenous uric acid. The other 20% is produced by the decomposition of food (especially high purine food), which is called exogenous uric acid. Under normal circumstances, uric acid is excreted through the kidney or intestinal catabolism, so as to achieve a balanced state.

Gout is mainly caused by the disorder of purine metabolism in the body, which causes the symptoms of high uric acid. For example, it is not related to the diet of life. Gout is also related to hyperlipidemia. In some patients, gout is accompanied by diabetes. Therefore, for the disease factors of gout, there are many kinds of needles for different causes, and the treatment methods adopted are also different. Therefore, it is found that Gout, then, must be actively treated.

At ordinary times, many friends are also taking small molecule peptide products, so can small molecule peptide treat gout? At present, there is no mention of small molecule peptide drugs in the treatment of gout at home and abroad. If there is, it may also be in the experimental stage, so whether small molecule peptide can alleviate gout is uncertain at present.

At the same time, we should pay attention to the fact that there are many kinds of small molecular peptide products, such as soybean small molecular peptide, casein small molecular peptide, corn small molecular peptide, Momordica charantia peptide, marine collagen small molecular peptide, bee venom small molecular peptide. If you are taking soybean small molecular peptide or the main raw material of small molecular peptide is beans, you need to take it carefully, because it is like all kinds of beans And bean products are all foods with moderate purine content. And medium purine food is to point to every 100 grams of food contain purine 50 to 150 milligrams.

What are the main problems gout needs in life?

  1. Eat less high purine foods

Most of them are light. High purine food mainly includes animal viscera, goose, broth, fish, sea cucumber. The purine content of the above food is relatively high and should be avoided. In addition, the content of poultry, shellfish, dried beans, lentils, asparagus, spinach, mushrooms, etc. is also high, so try to eat less.

  1. Try not to drink

Alcohol itself can provide purine raw materials, such as beer contains a lot of purine ingredients. Therefore, we should pay attention to avoid drinking too much, let alone drinking too much

  1. Try not to stay where the tide is heavy

Cold can make our autonomic nervous regulation disorder, easy to cause the contraction of body surface and visceral blood vessels, thus causing the reduction of uric acid excretion. Therefore, patients with gout should wear warm clothes in cold season to avoid suffering from cold, overwork and mental tension

  1. Don't exercise hard

Strenuous exercise can also cause excessive sweating. The body loses water and reduces blood volume and renal blood flow, which affects the excretion of uric acid and increases the level of uric acid in the blood. As a result, the volume of blood decreases and the amount of renal micturition acid decreases

  1. Keep a good attitude

No matter what disease, its recovery cycle is related to our mentality and pressure. Maintaining a good mentality, being optimistic and cheerful helps us to recover the disease. We should not give ourselves too much pressure. It is not advisable to worry about gout all the time.