We know that the human body is composed of more than 6 trillion cells, and the physiological processes of human growth, development and metabolism are completed in the continuous cell division. Whether the cell can normally divide, grow and die determines the life and death of human beings. In a series of cell activities, it must obtain sufficient nutrition to supplement its energy consumption. In the process of cell's continuous nutrition and division, there is a substance hindering its activity, which is often called free radical.

The existence of free radicals will make cells aging, cell wall constantly rigid, cells can not get nutrition, the human body will produce a series of physiological changes. The most obvious is the continuous aging of the human body, the function of various organs continues to decline, eventually leading to various diseases, until death.

However, everything in nature is contradictory to each other. Although the existence of free radicals makes human cells constantly aging, there is a substance that is constantly clearing away free radicals, that is peptide.

In addition, the peptide, which is bound with the body's free radicals, can not play a role in the metabolism of free radicals in the body.

Therefore, it is the existence of peptides that can regenerate and repair the aging cells and damaged cells of human body, and the birth, aging and death of human beings have a slow process.

It can stimulate the growth of cells, activate and repair damaged and aged cells, prevent and prevent the invasion of bacteria and viruses, and keep your body young forever.

U.S. medical expert Dr. you green: "peptides are used to treat almost any disease, there is no medicine to compare."

"Bioactive peptides are highly active and diverse, superior to any nutrition or drug," said nigelas perricon, MD, President of the International Symposium on skin aging

Professor Claire Sims of Canada: "peptide can significantly improve liver disease regardless of etiology."

Dr. Powell kruder, a German expert, said: "we have found a new anti-aging drug peptide, which can make people young and healthy, and peptide can make great changes in the cosmetics world."

Dr. Wu Qinglin, father of Chinese collagen peptide: "no one can resist aging, and we can slow down the pace of human aging with peptide, slow down, and then slow down."

"In the past, we need calcium, now we need peptide. It is an important discovery in life science in this century that the human body absorbs proteins in the form of small peptides After the passion collision, this new discovery of peptide technology should be extended to the field of life science.

In this regard, for the development of human beings on the notepad of a heavy pen.

The results showed that the anti-cancer mechanism of peptide is multiple, including physiological function of organic biochemical active components, action of inorganic components of zinc and selenium, regulation of other physiological activities, and comprehensive and balanced nutrition supply.

Experts based on a variety of data confirmed: inflammation is often a great inducement for tumor occurrence. Gastric cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer and sarcoma, many malignant tumors first occur in inflammation or infection site. At the same time, more and more evidence shows that the generation of tumor can be initiated by inflammation caused by infection.

Persistent infection leads to chronic inflammation, and the oxides released by inflammatory cells such as neutrophils and macrophages can induce DNA damage in proliferating cells. The interaction of oxygen and nitrogen can form a mutant, peroxynitite.

Therefore, repeated tissue damage and tissue regeneration, at the same time, under the influence of mutagens released from the inflammatory site, various mutations occur and accumulate in proliferating cells, and some mutations activate oncogenes and lead to the inactivation of tumor suppressor genes.

In addition, the continuous stimulation of chronic inflammation can make the body immune decline, and the mutant cells can not be recognized and cleared in time. All these factors together lead to the inevitable occurrence of tumor.

The effects of peptides on cancer prevention, control and adjuvant therapy are as follows: inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. Through cytokines and polysaccharides, we can capture and eliminate harmful substances in the body to the maximum extent, inhibit the growth of tumor cells and block the formation of generation channels, and prevent cell "Treason". ——Inhibition of cancer cell metastasis.

The activity of the carrier "adhesion molecule", which is required for large-scale cancer cell metastasis, inhibits the signal pathway of tumor angiogenesis. ——Kill cancer cells.

Cytokines participate in the direct killing of cancer cells, stimulate the phagocytosis of macrophages, and induce the apoptosis of pathological cells. ——Remove cancer cell toxins. Through the intervention of metabolism in the body, it can improve the patient's appetite, relieve the pain and improve the quality of life of the patient.