1. How is protein digested and absorbed in human body?

  2. Unique absorption mechanism of small molecule active peptide

The 21st century is a century of long life and great health, so it is very necessary for us to understand the nutrition and health knowledge of the human body, and really be responsible for our own body, which is the so-called "eat well, you can live happily", and the protein and small molecular peptide that are concerned in the nutrition field have become the research hotspot.

Protein is one of the seven nutrient elements needed by human body. It is an important component of all cells and tissues of human body. It is a basic material that plays a decisive role in all life phenomena. It can be said that there is no life without protein, which shows the importance of protein.

The relationship between peptide and protein is connected by amino acid, which is the basic unit of protein. The protein in human body is composed of more than 20 kinds of amino acids in different proportion, and peptide is also composed of amino acids. In fact, there is no particularly strict distinction between peptides and proteins. In scientific circles, compounds composed of 2-50 amino acids are often called peptides, while compounds composed of more than 51 amino acids are called proteins. In terms of chemical nature, they are the same kind of substances, which can be said to be "the same family and the same ancestor".

The types of peptides can be divided according to the size of molecular weight. Those with molecular weight between 1000-5000 daltons are called large peptides, while those with molecular weight between 180-1000 daltons are called small peptides, oligopeptides and oligopeptides, also known as small molecular active peptides.

Since today's topic is nutrition and health, let's talk about the difference between small peptide and protein in nutrition absorption.

How is protein digested and absorbed in human body?

Modern nutrition research has found that only one-third of the protein in food is broken down into free amino acids after ingestion, while the other two-thirds are broken down into active peptides and absorbed by the human body. In other words, if we want to supplement nutrition, it is better to drink peptide than protein powder. Active peptide has unique physiological activity that protein and amino acid do not have, so it can be absorbed more quickly and thoroughly.

Unique absorption mechanism of small molecule active peptide

  1. Efficient absorption

In general, the absorption of peptides needs to be hydrolyzed into amino acids through protein, then synthesized into peptides, which are absorbed through the small intestine, and finally supplied to all functions of the body through the large circulation of human cells, tissues, organs and blood. However, the small peptide products developed by national peptide have an average molecular weight of less than 1000 daltons, which can be directly absorbed and utilized by human body without digestion and decomposition.

  1. Absorption in complete form

The small molecule active peptide has a protective film of its own. When taken by the human body, it will not be damaged or re hydrolyzed by the enzyme, pancreatin, amylase, digestive enzyme, pepsin and acid-base substances in the digestive system. The small molecule active peptide is absorbed and utilized by the human body in a complete form.

  1. Actively absorbed

The active peptide itself has very strong activity and energy. Therefore, when it is absorbed by human body, it is not consumed by human body, but actively absorbed by human body with its own energy. For those who cannot absorb nutrients due to digestive system defects, obstacles and damages. For those who are in urgent need of nitrogen supply, but can not increase the burden of gastrointestinal function. It is very important for those who have poor digestion, lack of nutrition, weak body and many diseases.

  1. Act as nutrition carrier

The active peptide has carrier function in human body. It can combine the nutrients that people usually eat, especially calcium and other trace elements that are beneficial to human body with peptides, and double the absorption of nutrients.

In conclusion, the absorption mechanism of small molecule active peptide is unique. Therefore, the discovery of its absorption mechanism is of great significance for human physiological health