Jiexun polypeptides are important substances related to the functions of various cells in human body, involving hormones, nerves, cell growth and reproduction, and widely participate in and regulate the functional activities of various systems, organs and cells in the body. Many active substances in human body exist in the form of polypeptides.

With the rapid development of biotechnology, peptides have become another important field of life science research after genes. At present, peptide products have been widely used in medicine, food, health products, cosmetics, biomaterials, biological pesticides and many other fields.

The development of peptide drugs has extended a number of therapeutic fields, including anti infection, anti * *, physiological regulation, pain, heart failure, osteoporosis, diabetes, vaccine, etc., which is one of the research and development directions with broad market prospects in the pharmaceutical industry.

Solid phase synthesis microcarriers are indispensable carrier materials for peptide synthesis drugs. In the process of synthesizing peptide drugs and reagents, the cost of direct carrier materials alone accounts for 5% - 15% of the total cost of peptide synthesis. With the increasing demand for peptide drugs, the application of solid-phase synthesis microcarriers is gradually expanding, and the demand is also increasing.

Investment and financing sector: at present, our country is very supportive of large-scale health industry such as drugs. Can you tell us some advantages of your project of peptide drug synthesis functional microcarrier materials in the policy environment, or what health hot spots and hot spots are related to your project?

Wang Yahong: Yes. With the improvement of people's living standards and the arrival of an aging society, the great health industry is closely related to each of us. Our functional microsphere products directly support the research and development of high-end peptide drugs, the manufacture of high-value-added peptide drugs, including the research and development of peptide drugs to improve immunity, as well as the treatment of diabetes, targeted anti * * and treatment The research and development of therapeutic polypeptide cancer vaccine;

there are also more grounded support to improve the quality of anti-aging peptide health products, and the development of new anti-aging bioactive peptide products. There are some hot spots and explosive points of common people's attention, and the market is very hot.

"Peptide" has a bright future. He innovated and developed the third generation microspheres for peptide drug synthesis

Investment and financing sector: what do you think of the market prospect of peptide drugs?

Wang Yahong: at present, the peptide drug market is in a period of rapid growth. The market is expected to increase to 37 billion US dollars in 2020. At present, there are less than 40 varieties allowed to be listed. There are more than 500 varieties under research in the market. It is no problem to expand the capacity at least 10 times in the future. There are other application scenarios of microspheres.

As an irreplaceable consumable material microspheres, the market capacity will be expanded It's for sure. After several years of R & D, process optimization and technical reserve, the technology of our project has been fully mature, and the products have been put on the market.

Our customers include university scientific research institutions, domestic peptide pharmaceutical factories, and foreign customers, including the United States, Japan, Europe, India and so on, have institutions using our products, so we are expanding the product line and capacity scale.