Peptide is a substance between amino acid and protein, which can be widely used in various drugs, food, cosmetics and skin care products. According to relevant data, there are nearly 100 kinds of polypeptide drugs on the market in the world, and the global market of peptide drug preparations is close to 40 billion US dollars.

The 21st Gaoxing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. brought a series of peptide products to Shenzhen. Wang Hong, manager of the company's publicity department, said that there are 20 kinds of natural amino acids in nature. Amino acids are combined by chemical bonds to form peptides and proteins of different lengths.

"Polypeptide is a kind of pure natural substance and widely used. It can not only be used as an additive in food and health care products, but also as an important active substance in skin care products. Its widely used fields include drugs, pesticides, veterinary drugs, biological materials, etc Wang Hong told reporters that in the past 10 years, xingyin pharmaceutical has invested more than 1.3 billion yuan in peptide drug research and development, and applied for more than 100 related patents, including more than 90 invention patents. At present, the company has established a research and Development Laboratory of more than 6000 square meters in Shenzhen, and is also the Research Center for innovative pharmaceutical engineering technology of synthetic peptides in Guangdong Province.

In recent years, the company has applied for 10 kinds of raw material drugs of State Food and drug administration, and 3 products of FDA and EDQM of EU. Among them, carbetoxine injection for induction of labor and postpartum hemorrhage has obtained domestic production approval, and many varieties used for anticoagulant, esophageal variceal bleeding and diabetes insipidus diseases in PCI operation will also obtain production registration approval. In addition, during the current high-tech fair, the peptide research and development achievements of xingyin medicine - "Yiting" series of skin care products are also made from pharmaceutical grade peptide raw materials. (Economic Daily: Yang yangteng)

(editor in charge: Ma Changyan)