"In ten years, big health will become the biggest industry that surpasses real estate and automobile." In October 2016, the "healthy China 2030" planning outline (hereinafter referred to as the "Outline") was released, marking that the development of China's health industry has officially entered the fast track. The health industry model has developed from extensive to refined, and innovative technology has begun to penetrate into all aspects of the industry. In this new situation, a series of large health industry clusters represented by traditional medicine industry and emerging health care industry ushered in new development opportunities.

"Bioactive peptides" help national health industry in the second half of 2020“

"Prevention before disease" becomes the focus of big health industry

With the improvement of people's health awareness and living standards, people have a new understanding of health. The concept of "taking medicine in case of illness" has been transformed into the new concept of "prevention before disease".

"Bioactive peptides" help national health industry in the second half of 2020“

According to the data of prospective database, the output value of China's health care products industry was only 45.23 billion yuan in 2009. Until 2016, the output value of China's health care industry had reached 262.11 billion yuan, with a very rapid growth. In the next few years, the sales revenue of nutrition and health care products industry in China will continue to grow. It is estimated that the output value of China's health care industry will reach 484 billion yuan by 2020.

"Bioactive peptides" help national health industry in the second half of 2020“

Supply and demand statistics of health care products market in China from 2009 to 2016

It is not difficult to see from this trend that people pay more and more attention to health and nutrition, which is a further upgrade of the national health concept, and also means that the health management mode with "prevention, health care and health preservation" as the core will be widely popularized and developed.

Corresponding to the change of health concept is the growth of a series of large health industry clusters. On the one hand, the state will further increase the investment in health industry, leading to a sharp increase in the output value of related industries. According to the outline, the total scale of China's health service industry will reach 16 trillion yuan by 2030. On the other hand, with the improvement of people's demand for daily health management, such as eliminating sub-health, improving physical fitness and preventing diseases, all kinds of industries with anti-aging and maintaining life and health as the core, such as health products, functional food, health drinks and other big health industry clusters will continue to show an obvious upward trend.

Immunity products will become the necessities of life

The immune system is a valuable heritage of biological evolution, which can eliminate most of the pathogens invading the body through self-regulation. For example, inflammation of the body is caused by the release of pheromones by infected dead cells, resulting in increased local blood flow. These pheromones not only interfere with virus replication, but also attract white blood cells. White blood cells are the natural enemies of many pathogens. They can phagocytize (phagocytes), and can kill (NK cells), which is enough to eliminate most pathogens and viruses.

"Bioactive peptides" help national health industry in the second half of 2020“

If they still can't solve the problem, the body will mobilize specific immune cells to release antibodies to bind the virus so that they can't infect other cells, kill the infected cells, completely eliminate the virus in the body, and use memory cells to remember the characteristics of the virus, and can quickly produce the corresponding antibodies in the next encounter.

This usually takes a few days, and the stronger the immune system, the shorter the cycle. In other words, the process of viral infection is the race between the virus and the immune system. If the virus wins, people will be more or less unlucky; if the immune system wins, people will be cured.

The infection or recovery of new coronavirus depends largely on immunity. In the past, people's understanding of immunity was vague, and they thought that immunity was abstract and dispensable, but only after the epidemic situation did they know that immunity could even determine life and death. Therefore, the products to improve immunity will become the necessary products for people to live and travel.