July 10, 2020 05:49 Xinhua Daily

With a total investment of 550 million yuan, the new drug R & D and industrialization base project of mycoot peptide was signed and settled in Suzhou high tech Zone on July 3. After the project is put into production, the annual sales volume is expected to be about 5 billion yuan.

As one of the few benchmark companies for innovative research and development of peptides in China, maooot has brought together many famous academic authority and pharmaceutical giant industry elite, ranking the top in the world in terms of research pipeline quantity, product richness and advanced technology.

The signing of the contract will give Suzhou high tech Zone another impetus to build a well-known industrial highland of medical devices and biomedicine at home and abroad. As the only national high-tech zone that focuses on supporting the development of medical devices and biomedical industry in the province and one of the landmark "two cores" of Suzhou biomedical industry, Suzhou high tech Zone has gathered 10 large hospitals and institutes, including Suzhou Institute of medical technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and more than 300 medical device and biomedical enterprises. The industrial output value has exceeded 20 billion yuan, forming a complete industrial chain and platform support chain. (Chen Yueqin)