Polypeptides, also called peptides, can now be said to be more popular raw materials for skin care manufacturers. They are not only recognized by more and more skin care manufacturers, but also sought after by more and more consumers around the world. Dr. Powell Kruder from Germany said: "I found a new anti-aging drug-peptides. Peptides can make people young and healthy, and peptides have changed the cosmetics world tremendously." Dr. Wu Qinglin, the father of collagen peptides in China Said: "No one can resist aging. We can use peptides to slow down the pace of human aging!" What the hell is the legendary "polypeptide"?

What is a peptide?

Answer: Peptide is a small molecule high nutrient substance that can be completely absorbed by human cells. It has advanced physiological functions of repairing cells, nourishing cells, and resurrecting cells. It can increase human immunity and improve physical strength.

What is the scientific definition of peptide?

Answer: Peptide is a kind of compound whose molecular structure is between amino acid and protein and linked by peptide bond. It is also a nutrient substance with activity, easy absorption and extremely high physiological function.

Which peptide is very important to the human body?

Answer: What is very important to the human body is collagen peptides. Because in the structure of the human body, collagen accounts for 30-40% of the total body protein weight, which is equivalent to 5 to 6% of body weight. It is an indispensable structural protein of the human body, that is, a component of the human body, and an important substance in the nucleus. In the human body, collagen accounts for about 57% of the skin, about 34% of the total bone weight, about 9% of other cartilage tissue, and about 20-30% of connective tissue. It can be seen that the health of human life is inseparable from this key substance.

The health effects of peptides on the human body

Inhibition-inhibit cell degeneration, enhance the body's immunity / disease / strength.

Resurrection-revives cell activity and effectively eliminates free radicals harmful to the human body.

Repair-repair human degenerated cells and improve cell metabolism.

Promote-promote and maintain the normal metabolism of cells.