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Research Peptide APIs for Regulatory Market

Product Name US-DMF Time Point
Linaclotide Before the end of 2019
Ganirelix Before the end of 2019
Degarelix Before the end of 2020
Exenatide Before the end of 2021
Teduglutide Before the end of 2021
Cetrorelix Before the end of 2021
Semaglutide Before the end of 2022





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Chengdu Shengnuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has "Chengdu polypeptide drug engineering technology research center" in Chengdu, mainly engaged in polypeptide, polypeptide drug and beauty peptide research. Our zero defect has passed the FDA certification, and now it has become the first-class professional peptide drug and product development, technology transfer, technical service and peptide drug industry in the scale production and export of China's parks.

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