1. Selection of raw materials

  2. Enzymolysis technology

  3. Production process

4、 Molecular size and peptide content


Small molecular peptides are not new to us, but most people don't know how to choose, let alone how to use them. So today, we need to sort out some materials to let us avoid some detours.

There are four elements to choose small peptide in the first line;

  1. Selection of raw materials

  2. Enzymolysis technology

  3. Production process

4、 Molecular size and peptide content

  1. Selection of raw materials:

There are many peptides in the market. From animal peptide to plant peptide, the protein of raw material is an important factor to determine the quality of peptide. The content of protein contains different active substances, such as soybean in plants, animal peptide belongs to high protein, low-fat room food, rich in collagen, and rich in polysaccharide vitamins

  1. Enzymolysis technology

  2. Production process

It is also very important to select the production process. The solution after enzymolysis is complex in composition and contains macromolecular protein, oligopeptide, free amino acid, etc., which requires the separation of small peptide, so as to improve the content and quality of product peptide. In the production process, physical ultrafiltration technology is used to separate the small peptide less than 1000Da, which can improve the content of small peptide. At the same time, it is also adopted Heavy metal removal, desalination, and low-temperature spray drying are the main green non polluting technologies.

  1. Molecular size and peptide content:

As the absorption and utilization efficiency of small molecular peptide is higher than that of free amino acid and macromolecular peptide, the higher the proportion of small molecular peptide in the product, the lower the content of free amino acid, the better the quality of peptide, and the peptide with molecular weight less than 1000 Da can be directly absorbed by human body, and the absorption efficiency is nearly 100%. Moreover, the smaller the molecular weight, the better the solubility, so the molecular weight determines the absorption rate

Who needs small peptide?

  1. Postoperative rehabilitation population:

After the operation, people's physical fitness will generally decline, and the decline of digestive capacity is also one of the common phenomena. This kind of people usually need to supplement nutrition reasonably to recover their physical fitness quickly. On the one hand, the body's digestion burden is not so heavy, on the other hand, it can provide some special amino acids needed for the synthesis of immune proteins

  1. Body building and muscle strengthening people:

Exercise, increase muscle, exercise alone is not good to increase muscle, but also need a reasonable diet, the same specific protein function, can achieve the purpose of promoting muscle growth. So people who are doing exercises and strengthening their muscles

  1. Weak constitution

Weak physique, usually manifested in emaciation, poor digestion, easy to get sick and cold, etc., on the one hand, it can make the body strong, on the other hand, it can improve the body's immune ability, whether it is to strengthen the body or improve immunity, small molecular peptide can solve these problems

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