PRODUCT 1 --Production Capacity

PRODUCT 2 --CMC Service


PRODUCT 5 --Mexico Registered APIs

PRODUCT 6 --Research Peptide APIs for Regulatory Market

PRODUCT 7 --Peptide drug: octreotide acetate injection

PRODUCT 8 --Levosimendan injection

PRODUCT 9 --Atrociban acetate injection

PRODUCT 10 --Peptide drugs: thymopentin for injection

PRODUCT 11 --Thymus injection method new

PRODUCT 12 --Enfvetide for injection

**PRODUCT 13 --Peptide drug: octreotide acetate injection**

PRODUCT 14 --Carbetoxine injection

PRODUCT 15 --Atrociban acetate injection

PRODUCT 16 --API list

Shengnuo bio PRODUCT

Atosiban Acetate Injection Carbetocin Injection OctreotideAcetate Injection Enfuvirtide for injection
Thymus for injection is new Thymopentin for Injection Levosimendan Injection Atosiban Acetate Injection





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Chengdu Shengnuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has "Chengdu polypeptide drug engineering technology research center" in Chengdu, mainly engaged in polypeptide, polypeptide drug and beauty peptide research. Our zero defect has passed the FDA certification, and now it has become the first-class professional peptide drug and product development, technology transfer, technical service and peptide drug industry in the scale production and export of China's parks.